Rocket League fast-dl download

Rocket League fast-dl download

Rocket League

44 Seeds 40 Peers

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Simply by combining football and cars, the “Missile League” was able to immediately take the place in our hearts and on the list of the top ten.

SocCars (geddit?)

Rocket League offers a futuristic racing game. The two teams run at supersonic speed around the sand to hit the enormous bullets at the target of their opponents. Yes, it’s one of the moments when I can not wait for reality to keep up with video games.

With such a strong, central package, the LeagueMissile I could use everything about this basic idea, but it seems that the developer paid attention and attention to every detail. There are many content to unlock, multiple modes and a stack of perfectly designed cards. Yes, it goes far beyond simply invoking the idea of ​​creating a very full experience.

The Rocket League is meant to be pure simplicity because it breaks two teams of four cars against each other. Play only with robots, online against other playersor with a shared sharing site. Calm your allies when you accidentally reach your destination, take you from your enemies, when they explode in the sky, tactics of work, improvisation, every moment is full of something exciting and new to captivate you with your attention.


Most of the charm of the Missile League is under its control. They are accurate and simple. Every action you have at your disposal (jump, turbo speed, etc.), is very sensitive and works perfectlypredictably. After the treasure, the four games will be ready for all kinds of super-actions, comic maneuvers with high flights and dramatic performances.

Visually, the Missile League exhibits the same unexpected level of care and attention. It provides marabillosovelocidade feeling and dynamism, and provides a physical model that allows the chaos of all collisions and ball hits feel predictable.

Irresistible fun

Connecting a rocket is not just a pleasure, it’s a complete package that offers a lot of content, generousvisual effects, online and offline modes, the list of which is long. So, if you were smiling and rubbing our hands with ecstasy from our preliminary comments, we are happy to inform you that yes, you absolutely have to go and get it crazy.

Rocket League

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